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We are currently looking to expand the public holdings on stories relating to the Princess Sophia. If you have a personal connection with the Princess Sophia, we want to hear from you. All connections count: from the Sophia’s construction and her launch, to her service in WWI, to her tragic sinking in 1918- we want to hear it all.

All stories shared will be safeguarded by the Maritime Museum of BC and will be considered for inclusion in the Exhibition and accompanying compendium. We will not share your stories without your formal permission. If you wish to not have your stories shared with the public, please let us know when you send us your information.

We are also tracking items with a connection to the Princess Sophia. Do you happen to have photographs, artefacts, and/or documents relating to the Princess Sophia? We want to hear about those too!

For both options, please complete the form below.

Photo: Alaska State Library,  Sadlier-Olsen Family Collection, ASL-P289-138

Steve Hites, Alaskan singer/songwriter, has shared his song “The Last Voyage of the Princess Sophia”. Read his enchanting lyrics and learn about his inspiration for the song here.

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