The People on Board

It is impossible to give an exact number of victims aboard the Princess Sophia. The first death toll was released by the Dawson Daily News on November 7, 1918. This is the sum total of 288 passengers and 55 crew members. The CPR Inquiry drafted an official report which gave 289 passengers and 61 crew. The SOS sent out to the Cedar reported that there were 270 passengers in need of rescue; in Skagway, CPR Agent Lewis Johnston listed 278. Sophia passenger Auris McQueen reported that the Princess Sophia carried 400 souls in a final letter to his mother. The Sophia was refitted to accommodate 350 passengers before her Vancouver departure; there is no record that all 350 births were in use when she departed from Skagway. Her maximum capacity was registered at 500 passengers and 75 crew members.

With such a range in numbers, and knowing that there would have been undocumented workaways and stowaways, the exact number of how many people perished on board the Sophia will forever remain unknown; an unfortunate fact that is a tragedy in and of itself.

Vicitm List

The following list is compiled from several different sources in an attempt to put together a comprehensive list of the known victims. Where there is an alternate spelling of someone’s name that alteration has been provided in square brackets. The number of names listed here totals 360. The names are arranged by passenger or crew designation, then alphabetically by last name.


Able[son], Joe
Aitken [Aftaiken], F.
Alexander, Captain James
Alexander, Mrs. [Louise] James
Allen, George W. [Sanford]
Allmark, James H.
Amalong, Mrs. W. S.
Amalong, W. S.
Anderson, J. P.
Anderson, Mrs. J. P.
Anthony, A.W.
Backman, Oscar
Baggerley, Mrs. S. J.
Baggerley, S. J.
Baker, George J.
Barlow, C.W.
Barnes, Allen
Barnes, Walter
Barton, W.
Beaton, Loretta (child)
Beaton (infant)
Beaton, Mrs. John
Bell Robert (child)
Bell Evelyn (child)
Bell, C. M. [Edward M.]
Bell, Mrs. C. M. [Edward M.]
Bennet, Howard
Beyer, J.M.
Bloomquist, Captain Charles J.
Blyth[e], N. G.
Bourne, A. S. [A. T.]
Bowker, P.
 Boyer, Fred
Bridges, Harry M.
Bridges, Mrs. Harry M.
Brown [J. M.]
Brown, Frank
Brown, Sam
Cambell, A.
Carr, Mrs. W.S.
Castleman, Charles M.
Chantquist, Charles
Chantquist, Sam
 Chiarlin, C.W.
Chinery, Charles S.
Chisholm, J.S.
Chisholm, Mrs. J.S.
Christiansen [Christensen], J.
Clark, C.E. [Lloyd E.]
Clark, James A.
Clay, J.L.
Clemintino [Climinto], Nino
Collins, Thomas J.
Colombara, Marie
Colver, John M.
Cousins, Mrs. Charles
Craven, Charles
Dalby, Sewell M.
Dano, G.M.
Davis [Davies], Herbert
Davis [Davies], Mrs. Herbert
Davis, M.
Davis, Mrs. Richard Harding
Davis, Richard Harding
Douglas, Captain J. P.
Dube, Narcisus [Narcisse]
Dubois, James
Eads, Murray S.
Eads, Mrs. Murray S.
Elliott, F.W.
Eyre, John
Faires, C.C.
Findlay [Finlay], Robert
Flannagan [Flanagan], J. J.
Fleming, A.
Foster, W. A.
Garner, A. L. [A. R.]
Garner, Mrs. O. [J. E.]
Garner, O. [J. E.]
George, Jim
Gibbs, Frank S. [L.]
Gidlund, O. A.
Gillis, Mrs. Dan
Green, Captain John C.
Green, Mrs. John C.
Grenny, Alten J.
Grove[r], W. H.
Gurkovitch, Peter
Guy, Charles
Hagen, Fred  [Hagan, Fred]
Hager, Robert
Haggerty, William
Hall, Mrs. James
Hall, Robert M.
Hanson [Hansen], L. A. [Lars M.]
Hatcher, Jack
Hardin, H. E.
Harper, Mrs. Walter
Harper, Walter
Haws, R.C.
Haynes, Jack
Headlund [Hedlund], Carl
Heinzer, L.
Helwinkle [Hellwinkle], John W.
Hendrix [George R.]
Hennessey, Thomas L.
Henry, Mrs. Sam
Henry, Sam
Hoering [Hoerling], Thomas L.
Holmes, Charles
Howard, J.
Howey, Geo.
Ironside, Edward S. [Edward J., Edmund S.]
Ironside, Mrs. Mary
Johnston, Arthur
Johnston, Edward J.
Johnston, Mrs. Edward J.
Kagawa, Charles T.
Kelly, J. F.
Kendall, A. W.
Kenyon, H.
Kilway, Charles E.
King, J.
Kink, D.
Kirk, James W.
Kline, Alex
Knutson, Carl
Kolonas [Kolones], Sam
Kontes, P.
Labrai [Labrie], I.
Laird, John A.
Lawless, Henry F.
Leavit, Guy S.
Lee, L.M.
Lenez, Mrs. Anna
Lepage, Thomas
Lewis, A.D.
Liber, W.S.
Lidgett, W.
Lisson, G.H.
Mabins, T. [Antone]
Markus (infant)
Markus, Mrs. George
Maskell, Joe [Jack, John]
Matheson, R.
Mayhood, George F.
McArthur, W.T.
McCaskey, P.
McCrait, Guy
McDonald, Eunice(child)
McDonald, Russell (child)
McDonald, Ruth (infant)
McDonald, D.A.
McDonald, Mrs. [Emma] William Herbert
McDonald, William Herbert
McLachlan, Mrs. Roderick
McLachlan, Roderick
McLean, Alex R.
McLeod, Alex
McLeod, John
McLeod, Mrs. N.
McLeod, N.
McMahon, Thomas
McNiel, J. [Lockie]
McQueen, A.W.
McTavish, Roy
McWaters, William [Lockie]
Meston, R.
Milne, Thomas
Milton, George
Moyer, M.
Murphy, W. [Arthur]
Myers, Ulysses Grant
Neilson, Thomas
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, E.M.
Nelson, S.A.
Neuberg, Charles*
Nichols, J.G.
Niles, George A.
O’Brien, Grace(child)
O’Brien, Pearl(child)
O’Brien, Robert (child)
O’Brien, Ruth May (infant)
O’Brien, Mrs. William John
O’Brien, William John
Paddock [Padock], C. A. [George A.]
Parkin, Henry B.
Pellison [Pallison], Arnoux
Perkins, Mrs. Cynthia J.
Peterson, John
Peterson, Nick
Peterson, Peter W.
Pinska, Albert D.
Pinska, Mrs. Albert D.
Plumb, H.
Poppert, Oscar
Porter, C.W.
Pratt, O.D.
Pugh, John F.
Queen, C. C. [L.]
Randolph, George C.
Robinson, Harold Allen
Robinson, Herman F.
Russell, H.
Rutherford, Harry A.
Ryan, Leo
Salt, O.C.
Sanford, T.E.
Sangster, G.
Satine, J.
Satomyer, D.
Scouse, William
Segbers, Mrs. Joseph A.
Seniff, E.
Sharon, William C.
Shaw, William F.
Shenck, John
Shiarlin, C.W.
Shillinglaw, W.W.
Shimada, Joe [George]
Sholseth, George L.
Sinich [Simich], Tom
Smith, Al
Smith (infant)
Smith (infant)
Smith, Fred [Alfred]
Smith, J. H. [J. S.]
Smith, Mrs. J. H. [J. S.]
Smith, R. H.
Smith, W. H.
Smith, W. P. Sr.
Smith, W. P. Jr.
Smyth, A. J.
Somerset, H. A. [Henry G.]
Sorensen, Sam
Soule, F.E.
Southerland [Sutherland], A. H.
Staples, William
Steinberger, William
Steward, Captain Augustine
Stewart, Niel
Stitzel, Elmer
Strain, H. [N.]
Strange, M.
Strupp, O. H.
Swartz, H. M.
Tackstrom, George (infant)
Tackstrom, Margaret (infant)
Tackstrom, Mrs. [Chistina “Chrissie”] Oscar E.
Tackstrom, Oscar E.
Taggart, E.
Teggerschey, Emil “Sharkey”
Thomson, W.A.
Thorsen [Thoresen], Theodore E.
Tobert [Tolbert], Thomas D.
Trainer [Trainor], James A.
Tribe, George
Trucco, R. [Paulo]
Tschierschkey, Emil
Turner, Thomas M.
Tzuzi [Tsuji], Kakuza
Van Valkenberg [Vanvalkenburgh], Ben J.
Vandecarr, H. D.
Vant [Vint], P.
Verrill, Clarence S.
Very, Miss Elanore
Very, Miss N. [Maria]
Vifquain [Charlotte Joy] (child)
Vifquain, Mrs. Charles J.
Vito [Vite], Joe
Walker, A. W.
Wares, G. W.
Watson, Charles E.
Wendt, E. A.
Wheeldon, E. G. [H. G., Edward G. Waldrom
White, Frank
Wilkinson, B.
Wilkinson, Charles H.
Williams, C. D. [David I.]
Winchell, Mrs. [Ilene] Alan
Winkler, A. S.
Wirgle, B.
Wishart, Thomas
Wright, William
Wurgler, H.
Young, J. D. [John R.]
Young, R.
Zaccarelli, John
Zylstra [Zelstra], C. W.


Deck Officers
Locke, Captain Leonard [Louis] Pye
Shaw, Jerry [Jeremiah C.]
Gosse, Frank
Murphy, Arthur G.
Petty Officers
Evans, W.
Liggett, William K.
Hyndman, F.
Glortue, G.
Smith, L.
Walker, A.
Burnham, P.
Darling, H.
Walsh, H.
Solloway, H.
Ross, Duncan
Massey, James W.
Doris, Michael
Doughty, E.
Lapierre, L.
Dobbie, J.
McCormack, M.
Deck Hands
Burke, Frank
Clark, J. M.
Dallas, George A.
Dibble, William C.
Evans, T. M
Frau, F.
Gaynor, P.
Hitchen, Henry John
Macey, S. W.
McLaughlin, William
Munro, A.
Newberg [Neuberg], Charles
Park, A. D.
Park, T.
Waller, Charles
Stewards and Pursers
Olson, L.A.
Beadle, Charles G.
Black, C.J.
Robinson, D.M.
King, J.
Cartwright, A.
Browning, H.
Wood, L.
Galuth, T.J.
Booth, George C. [G.]
Mossman, J.
Templeman, G.
Klein, J.H.
Whitecross, Victor C.
McLennan [William]
Harvey, F.
Short, H.
Deans, T.
Coles, A.
Dolphius, H.
Chinese Migrant Workers
Phillips, O.M.
Jimms, T.
Lee, Hong
Lee, Hoy
Fit, Chee
Set, Man
Fee, Joe
Get, Jim
Sing, Lee
Leon, Set
Lee, Young
Set, Yip
Yuen, Chin