Artefact-Based Exhibit

The artefact-based exhibit is a 4,000 sq/ft exhibit that features artefacts from institutions in BC, Yukon, and Alaska. It will be an immersive and interactive experience. Using the individual experiences of passengers and crew as a jumping-off point, the exhibition will draw the audience into the history of the West Coast at the end of WWI. This exhibit will allow visitors to experience what life was like along the Pacific Northwest in 1918, to learn about the stories of the individuals who boarded the Sophia that fateful night in October (and even those who didn’t make it on due to a variety of what turned out to be life-saving circumstances), and the salvage efforts and after-effects on the many impacted communities along the coast.

This portion of the Exhibition will travel to major city centres in BC, Yukon, and Alaska, and will be available in each city for three months. For specifics on travel locations and dates, please see our Travelling Details page.

Photo: Princess Sophia’s lantern, artefact from the Alaska State Museum collection.

Photo: Princess Sophia’s bell, artefact from the Vancouver Maritime Museum collection, 2004.0011.0001.