The SS Princess Sophia Exhibition: The Titanic of the West Coast

The SS Princess Sophia Exhibition: The Titanic of the West Coast is an international travelling exhibit that will travel to major city centres in BC, Yukon, and Alaska.

The core of the exhibit includes an exhibit “pod” structure of two interlocking panels that is easily to assemble, take down, and ship. There are four digital screens attached to each corner of the pod, for additional information and digital interactives. This pod and digital screens take up no more than 100 sq/ft. It has been designed this way to make transportation simple and keep costs down, and to ensure it can fit into any community, large or small. 2 copies of this core exhibit will be made to allow for travel to major city centres and to smaller communities simultaneously, making it accessible for everyone throughout BC, Yukon, and Alaska during 2018.

The exhibit can then be supplemented by artefacts loaned from various organizations, including the Maritime Museum of BC, the Alaska State Museum, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. This allows each host organization to customize the exhibit in their space as they see fit.

To find out more about the travelling schedule see the page linked below.

Photo: Alaska State Library,  William R. Norton. Photographs Collection, ASL-P226-747